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Maternity Sessions

Pregnancy Timeline - $280

A Pregnancy Timeline is a series of photographs taken at various stages of your pregnancy to show how your tummy develops over that time. We then collaborate the final images together to make a final image capturing your growth in this period with your little ones details. 


Sessions only take 15 to 20 mins   

  • Taken at 12,20,28,32 weeks and final image with baby

  • You may select different weeks but this is for 5 sessions only

  • You may add extra weeks for $56 a session

  • This provides edited images on USB only

  • Collage edited on disc - no print will be provided

Maternity Shoot - $250

Maternity photography is all about celebrating the beauty of pregnancy, it gives you the opportunity to look back on just how beautiful you looked.  

Pregnancy is a momentous part of your life and yet it is so fleeting; in just nine months, you go from growing new life inside you to giving birth to a completely new human being. 

Few physical experiences are as raw, profound, and moving as maternity, and I’m here to help you visually document this momentous occasion. I will work with you to create beautiful images that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. 

 If you’re pregnancy is complication free, and you don’t have a history of early delivery, the best time for your maternity portraits is between 34 & 36 weeks. At this time your ‘baby belly’ is at it’s best, and yet you are still comfortable enough to move around. These sessions are generally between one and two hours. 

  • 8 Images

  • Extra images for $30 an image

**Deposit required of $100 to confirm booking**

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