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Newborn Sessions

You may not realise this, but when your little one arrives those tiny toes and fingers will only be that small for a very short time.

Little ones start to change very quickly after they have arrived. Photographing this moment in your child’s life is priceless, once this time is gone you cannot get it back.


Newborn sessions are recommended to be done within the first two weeks of birth (older babies can be done - please contact for details). A newborn session can average 2 to 4 hours depending on baby. I offer a simple newborn packages. We understand everyone's needs are different.

Most newborn sessions are book well in advance, so please contact if you are interested in booking a session.

                            NEWBORN PRICING

Mini package - $300

  • -Newborn sessions can vary depending on baby, but can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. This can be due to feeding and settling 

  • -3 to 5 different setups (depending on what you might want and/or baby) 

  • -Parent and sibling photos are taken at the start of the session so that if need be they can be taken out for the rest of the session if they are bored

  • -5 selected images to be emailed or downloaded. These will be edited High Resolution images

  • -Extra images can be purchased for $30 an image

  • -Online gallery for you to choose images. Depending on session this can usually be 25 to 40 images 

  • -Most newborn sessions are done around 8 to 20 days, older newborns can be done, but is limited to session availability

Mid Package - $550

  • -As per mini session above

  • -Your Pick of 15 images to be edited on USB in High Resolution

  • -5" x 7" reference prints in colour of selected images


Mega Package - $880

  • -All images from session usually 30+ images edited on USB in High Resolution

  • -Please note this is for 2 parents and one sibling. Further sibling/ Family will incur extra fee of $50 a person


Mix & Match - $650

  • Maternity sessions are done around the 30 to 35 week mark of your pregnancy. You can select a studio session, or outdoor

  • -Your Pick of 5 maternity images

  • -Your pick of 15 newborn images 

  • -Selected images edited and provided on USB in High Resolution


              **A $100 non refundable deposit needs to be paid to secure a booking**


              ***Multiples, Grandparents or extra famliy memeber etc; please contact                     me for a quote. Usually these sessions attract a further fee if mega                   package is purchased, due to the extra work involved with editing***

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